Another Top-10 List — Hottest Outdoor Features and What They Cost

I can remember as a kid when the primary outdoor feature of a home was a swing set and perhaps a barbeque. All that has changed as the outdoors is now often an extension of the home – particularly in the summertime. In many circumstances, the outdoors in the summertime is the largest room of the house, so-to-speak.

In addition to being an amenity, these outdoor features may impact value. To get a perspective of these improvements, generated a list of their staff’s selection of the top 10 outdoor features. They then examined how much more the listing price was, on average, with listings having these features versus those not within the same respective ZIP Code. They also identified where these features might most likely be found.

So what were their findings?

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No doubt there is often a high correlation between these features, as I would expect a property with an infinity pool to also having an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. These are not just the common amenities seen, but maybe just the most expensive. Low cost amenities range from a portable fire pit to barbeque grills to swing sets, to name just a few. These amenities are not just for summer, as we use our Hot Tub daily in the winter and almost never in the summer (but I do live in Texas).

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Without question, the outdoors, for some, is the largest room of the house. Enjoy your summer.


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