Another Top-10 List — The Most (and Least) Livable Major Cities in the World

Last week one of the Jones on Real Estate blogs was on the Most Livable States in the U.S., titled “Another Top-10 List — Best (and Worst) States for Families to Live a Richer Life”. While I disagreed with their conclusions, (only 7.5 percent of the U.S. lived in the top-10 ranked states), some places to live are better than others, and some worse. Which is best or worst is a function of the criteria utilized in the analysis.

We are truly fortunate to live in in the U.S. compared to a large portion of the world. Many people risk their lives to come to this great country, often walking away from all their possessions — including family — in the hope of making a better life.

So where are the best places in the world to reside? To answer that, The Economist Intelligence Unit (the global research side of The Economist Magazine) completes an annual study of the most populous 140 cities in the world to identify the overall best livability.

Their methodology and process examines 30 qualitative and quantitative factors, including, but not limited to, for example, health-care availability, social and/or religious restrictions, quality of public transportation, prevalence of crime and threat of terror attacks. Each of the 30 factors are scored on a range of 1 to 100, with 1 classified as Intolerable to 100 as Ideal.

They condense their rankings to the five following categories:

  • Stability
  • Healthcare
  • Culture and Environment
  • Education
  • Infrastructure

So where are the best places to live in the world, at least according to these metrics? Six of the top-10 cities in the ranking were in either Canada or Australia. I can attest to their modern infrastructure and how safe I felt in many of these topped-ranked global metros. Have never been to the least livable cities and have no desire to go. Stability and lack of infrastructure are almost always less than one-half the potential 100 point score.

8-23-16 table

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The bad news? No U.S. cities made the top-10 list. The good news? None made the least livable rankings either.

Am so blessed to live in the U.S.


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