Make Your Personal Brand Work for You

Most everyone knows me as the “Bow Tie Guy.”  Having it on my business cards and my email signature (and even on my license plate!) helps, but that’s not why people have come to recognize me as the Bow Tie Guy and what it really stands for.

I’ve worn bow ties for most of my professional career.  Even in this business casual attire world in which we live, I wear a tie to work every day, even on casual Fridays.

I started to focus on personal branding when I moved from a private law practice to commercial escrow at Stewart Title of Albuquerque.  Being brand new to the title insurance business, I had to build my book of escrow business from scratch while introducing and distinguishing myself to new customers.

Turning my penchant for bow ties into my personal brand seemed to be a natural, so the Bow Tie Guy was born.  I felt that the bow tie would help achieve a distinct presence.  Bow ties are more memorable than regular ties, require special expertise to tie (no clip-ons for me), and you can’t find bow ties everywhere.

As my team and I thought about how to build the brand, we established recognition and created a pattern in each customer’s mind.  We incorporated the bow tie idea into direct and indirect marketing.  My marketing materials and thank-you notes said “bow tie.”  Our team slogan was “Put the Bow Tie Team to work for you,” and included a photo of team members wearing bow ties.  I gave bow tie pasta with a recipe to clients for holiday gifts.

Besides creating a memorable personal brand, the real key to success is making sure that others associate positive traits with your brand.  Throughout my years in title insurance, I have tried to ensure that when folks think of the Bow Tie Guy, they think of my expertise, judgment, responsiveness, creativity and commitment to helping others get their deals done. The bow tie has helped me achieve that.

You can do the same thing.

What makes you unique?  What special skills or attributes distinguish you from the competition? What do you do differently to help your customers?  What do your customers say they love about how you do your job? How can you then encapsulate those attributes into a memorable image that people will associate with you and with no one else?

As I start this blog, I hope to build on the Bow Tie Guy brand. I also hope that this blog is a valuable resource that you can use in your daily business and help build your brand.


  1. Ivan Deutsch

    The Bow Tie Guy’s personal brand is very recognizable and charming. It adds to his professionalism.

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